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Student Connect

We would love for you to join our community of students online. The Student Connect page is a place where students can get additional online instruction in the form of instructional videos and other downloadable content.  We even have a ‘Percussion Parent Tips’ section  for Moms and Dads.  Please sign up to take lessons at Spevak Percussion Concepts to access our great database of free stuff!

What Instruction Videos Are Available?

Holding the Sticks Part 1 & Part 2
Drumset Jazz Grove
Double Bass Drum Technique
Foot Mechanics for the Drumset
Rock Patterns for Drumset
Simple Jazz Drumset Fills
Rock Fills for Drumset
Jazz Licks and Soloing on the Drumset
World Drumset Patterns Demonstrated
2 Mallet Grip for Marimba
4 Mallet Grip (Stevens) Grip for Marimba
Rudimental (Drum Corps) Marching Tenors Fundamentals
The 40 Drum Rudiments Demonstrated
Rudimental (Drum Corps) Marching Enors Fundamentals
Timpani Basics
Outdoor Timpani (Drum Corps/Marching Band)
Orchestral Snare Drum Technique Part 1 & 2
Conga Drumming and Other Latin Percussion Part 1 & 2
Playing the Bongos

What Downloadable.PDF Files Are Available?

The 40 Drum Rudiments
Drumset Groove Patterns
Double Bass Drum Exercises
The Major Scales
The Minor Scales
Clave Rhythms
Conga Drumming Patterns
Rudimental Snare Drum Chops Building Exercises
Timbale and Other Latin Related Patterns
How to Buy a Drumset
How to Buy a Marimba

What Else Is Available?

Class Assignment Demonstrations
Percussion Parent Tip Section
On-going Updates and New Contents

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