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Benefits Of Semi-Private Lessons

Benefits Of Semi-Private Lessons

What is the Spevak Percussion Concepts Method?

  • Class periods are one hour long, enabling the student to learn proper practice technique, essential for continued practice at home.
  • Students learn in a small group setting (4-6 students) with other students of similar age and skill level, allowing the development of confidence and important interactive skills.
  • Students learn all major categories of percussion instruments, from drum set to marimba to marching (rudimental) percussion to world percussion techniques and styling.
  • All instruments in the lesson session are provided. Students only bring sticks, mallets and written lesson materials to the class.
  • Students learn to read and interpret percussion music correctly, enabling them to excel in the school band program.
  • Students become total musicians, not just drummers or mallet players, good in one category of percussion and weak in others.
  • Included in the comprehensive lesson curriculum is the study of instruments and associated percussion techniques from Latin America, Brazil and the ever fascinating world of African percussion.
  • Its fun! The low pressure, highly motivational environment helps students focus and learn in a positive, well structured setting.