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Q & A

Q & A

How can a new student get started right away?
  • Simply fill out the application form and you will receive a confirmation day and time to begin your lessons. Mr. Spevak will contact you personally, to fill in all the details. The application form is found off the home page.  Sign right now up online!
Can students study only the drum set, or any other single percussion instrument?
  • Not in the small group setting. Drum set, although fun and popular, is merely one of a large group of percussion instruments that a student must learn to become a total musician. Years ago, drummers could make a niche by being only a drummer. Nowadays, drummers must be total percussionists and understand and speak the musical language that all other musicians do. Drum set is extremely important and is the personal specialty of Mr. Spevak. It is due to this importance that drum set is incorporated into the curriculum of semi-private instruction at Percussion Concepts. In special cases, for advanced players, drum set may be exclusively studied in a private lesson setting.
What exactly goes on during the semi-private lesson?
  • All classes will be slightly different, depending on the ability level and specific needs of the students. Most sessions will begin with good, basic fundamentals covering technique, stick grips, hand positioning etc. After the warm up period of about ten minutes, students will receive instruction on reading rhythms, which is so critical for learning percussion quickly and easily. After the reading instruction, students will then begin the small ensemble instruction, where everyone has a separate part and interacts as a musical group. Students will be provided music to work on and practice at home. New music of a slightly higher level will be passed out later as student’s abilities improve. During the ensemble time, Mr. Spevak will tend to the needs of the students individually, correcting bad habits before they start. Suggestions will then be made for musical enhancements for the entire small group. Before the class ends, students will be given a weekly assignment to practice and prepare before the next session. Once again, this is only a rough outline of the class period and will be modified to accommodate the needs of Percussion Concepts students.
Is this a good program for beginners?
  • Absolutely! It is sometimes best for a student to know nothing before receiving instruction. Occasionally, students that have “studied on their own” may have developed bad habits that can take months or even years to break. At Percussion Concepts, beginning students receive strong fundamental training, the right way, the first time. This all adds up to huge success in learning. Students are placed in a class with others at approximately the same level, so no one feels intimidated.
Can a student enroll in a semester that is already underway?
  • Sometimes. It depends on the level of the student and the cohesion of the class already in progress.
How much do semi-private lessons cost?
  • For approximately the same cost of a half hour private lesson at other studios, a student can be enrolled in a full one hour semi-private class group at Spevak Percussion Concepts.  Contact Mr. Spevak for specific rates via the enrollment form found off the home page. Sign up on line! Be sure to ask about discount rates for multiple students (from the same family) enrolled in the same semester.
When is a private lesson (rather than small group) a better choice for a student?
  • When students have reached a level where much time is spent preparing for college auditions or auditions and contests with outside groups, a private lesson may be best. Students that have never played before may feel more comfortable with a couple of private lessons before being placed in a group (although this is not really necessary) Private lesson slots are available, on a limited basis. Please contact Mr. Spevak personally regarding private lesson availability and rates, and to discuss if this option is the best for you.
What if a student must cancel a lesson? Can it be made up?
  • Yes. If students miss a lesson for any reason, one (1) lesson cancellation by the student per month may be made up, subject to the rules concerning the student cancellation policy. The student forfeits classes missed due to absence exceeding one per month.
What are the dates for semesters?
  • Semesters run June through August, September through December and January through May.
Can students participate in small group (semi-private) and private lessons at the same time?
  • Yes. It is important that students be fully committed to such a full schedule of percussion learning. Students wishing to prepare for a professional career, as a musician/teacher, would benefit greatly from this enhanced program.
Can students switch lesson groups mid semester?
  • Group switching is not encouraged, unless a students schedule changes, making such a switch necessary.
What equipment and books do students need to own?
  • Please see the “Order Books and Materials” tab on the home page for required materials.
How many students will be enrolled in a semi-private lesson group?
  • Usually just 4 to 6 students will make up a semi private class group.  Weekly etudes are assigned to each student and students “test” on prepared materials each session (usually).  Parents (both musical and non-musical) can easily check on a students progress.   Students receive much individual attention in our class groups due to their small size.
Are semi-private (small group) lessons effective when teaching drumming and percussion?
  • This is the way drumming and percussion has been taught for centuries! As long as the groups remain small, students still receive the individual attention they need, while having the benefit of interacting within a small ensemble. It is truly the best of both worlds. 
Where are lessons held?
  • Our studio is located at 49 Stonehill Rd, Oswego, which is directly behind Oswego HS in the Stonehill Industrial Park.  Stonehill may be accessed via Wolf’s Crossing or Plainfield Road. Either way you come in, look for the big cell phone tower. We are located just near the base of the giant tower, which can be seen from a mile away (no kidding, its really that big). The building is gray with blue awnings and is not one of the buildings right on the road.  The best thing to do is look for the cell tower, turn on the little access road toward the cell phone tower and then you will see our building. If you have any difficulty finding the studio, our cell phone number is 630-220-2311.